English for Export Import

Penulis : Aulia Nourma Putri

English for Export Import is a book intended for the sixth semester students of D4 English for Business and Professional Communication. This book is designed for a compulsory subject “English for Export Import. This book starts with the overview about international trade, so the students will have understanding on what international trade is and also the policies of international trade. It also contains the explanation about the procedure and the documents needed for any kind of export import process, like sea freight, air freight, and road freight. Students will learn what should be prepared for the process of export and import. Moreover, they will also learn about exporting and importing goods which explains about prohibited-and-restricted goods and non-prohibited-and-restricted goods to be exported and imported. They will also learn about how to read HS code on Buku Tarif Kepabeanan Indonesia (BTKI).

English for Export Import

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